CDE introduces 381LL series capacitors

The long-life snap-in aluminium electrolytic capacitors have an expected life of 8,000 hours at full-rated conditions and demonstrate superb stability in capacitance and DC leakage current over time on test.

The CDE 381LL snap-in series is targeted for use in critical applications where long life and reliability are paramount. Capacitance values range from 740µF to 100,000µF at working voltages of 16 to 250 WVDC with ripple current ratings up to 10 Amps at 105 °C. The snap-in series is available in two-pin configurations in the smaller diameters with 4 and 5 pin options in the larger diameters.

General applications include any circuit requiring high capacitance with low ESR, high ripple current and long life. This includes switch-mode power supplies, UPS systems, solar and other high-power inverters.

Since its founding in 1909, CDE has been dedicated to advancing capacitor technology for new applications. The company combines innovative products with engineering expertise to provide reliable component solutions for:

  • Inverters
  • Wind and solar power
  • Electric vehicles
  • Power supplies
  • Motor drives
  • HVAC
  • Motors
  • Welding
  • Aerospace
  • Telecom
  • Medical equipment
  • UPS systems

For more information about Cornell Dubilier Electronics in the UK, their new 381LL series of capacitors or any of their capacitor range, please contact the team at Wavelength Electronics Ltd. 

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