Astrodyne TDI explain three-phase power: Delta vs WYE

In their latest blog, Astrodyne TDI explores the two different ways three-phase systems can be configured to maintain equal loads. The two methods, Delta and WYE, have the flexibility to deliver power over three wires, but the principal differences between the two are based on the number of wires available within each configuration and the current flow.

The Delta and WYE names are specific indicators to the shapes that the wires resemble once connected to each other. Delta comes from the Greek symbol Δ, while WYE resembles the letter Y and is also known as the star circuit. The WYE configuration has gained popularity in recent years because it carries a neutral wire that allows both line-to-neutral (single-phase) and line-to-line (2/3 phase) connections.

  • Three Phase Power 1
  • Three Phase Power 2
  • Three Phase Power 3

Astrodyne's latest blog not only discusses the differences between Delta and WYE configurations but addresses the use of three-phase power line filters. Astrodyne TDI offers three-phase EMI filters in both Delta and WYE configurations to help reduce the electromagnetic interference in a variety of applications and ensure compliance with international emission standards. Their three-phase EMI filter ratings range from 480VAC/520VAC to 600 VAC, with current ratings of up to 2500A. Power line filters are offered in single, dual and multi-stage designs, with higher current and voltage ratings available upon request.

With an extensive filter range and strong design capabilities, the Astrodyne TDI team of engineers guarantee to find the most effective three-phase EMI filter solutions to meet any specification and the most challenging project applications.

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