Q-Tech miniature high-temp oscillators target down-hole applications

Q-Tech’s ultra-miniature QTCH series oscillators are offered in SMT packages as small as 2.5x3.2 mm and have been tailored for specific oil industry applications, such as down-hole drilling and data logging.

In addition, their suitability for high-temperature environments makes them an ideal choice for other industries, such as avionics.

Q-Tech Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of crystal oscillators for space, military, avionics and high-temperature applications have designed the ultra-miniature QTCH series with a wide operating temperature range of -55C to 200C. The series comprises of low profile, surface-mount package sizes, making them ideal for down-hole drilling as well as a host of other high-temperature, high shock/vibration applications.

  • QTCH series oscillators

The QTCH series

  • Surface-mount (SMD) crystal oscillators
  • Supporting frequencies between 1MHz and 48MHz
  • Capable of operating over a wide supply voltage range from 1.8Vdc to 5.0Vdc
  • Exhibit very low power consumption of <3mA
  • Offered in three low-profile ceramic packages - 2.5x3.2mm, 3.2x5.0mm and 5.0x7.0mm
  • Hermetically sealed with gold plated contacts or hot solder dipped

The QTCH series answers the demand for superior performance in extreme high-temperature applications. Just as with our low-earth orbit and other military/aerospace crystals, the QTCH Series goes to places where failure isn’t an option.

Scott Sentz, Q-Tech’s Director of Sales and Marketing

Available in the UK from Wavelength Electronics, the QTCH series of oscillators are ECCN: EAR99 classified, lead-free and RoHS compliant. Military screening per MIL-PRF-55310 is also available.

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