Astrodyne TDI's LiquaBlade™ power supplies provide a compact solution for high DC-powered systems

Ideal for industrial applications that demand high power levels or environmental protection.

Liquid-cooled power supplies deliver greater power density and superior thermal management - helping to power the next technological breakthrough in semiconductor fabrication, industrial manufacturing, military equipment, or medical devices. Astrodyne's LiquaBlade™ products are a unique solution for high-powered DC systems, offering highly efficient and reliable thermal management solutions.

Heat capacity is an intrinsic property of matter. Heat capacity refers to the limit of how much thermal energy a substance can absorb before it begins to rise in temperature. Water has a higher heat capacity than air, and its density is 1000 times greater. Thus, water provides more effective heat transfer.

For a given amount of heat, an air-cooled solution will require a vastly larger surface area to be available to transfer heat, in comparison to a liquid-cooled solution. Liquid-cooling often becomes attractive when there is a need to handle heat without utilising excessive space.

Astrodyne LiquaBlade™ Specifications

Enjoy the specific benefits of a LiquaBlade™ liquid-cooled power supply:

  • Flexibility: The LiquaBlade™ range comprises of many models with fully adjustable outputs, 0-500VDC, and constant voltage, constant current, and constant power control methods for application flexibility.
  • High Power Density: Liquid cooling has a higher heat transfer coefficient over other cooling methods, making Astrodyne TDI’s Liquid Cooled products industry leaders in power density. LiquaBlade™ can achieve up to 16.5 kilowatts of power in a 1-unit-high, 19-inch rack space.
  • Ingress Protection: These sealed liquid-cooled power supplies provide ingress protection from dust debris, etc., making it an ideal solution for a broad range of environments from cleanrooms to dirty manufacturing floors.
  • Rugged Design: LiquaBlade™ Rectifiers have been deployed in Industrial and Military programs where they have been qualified to MIL-STD shock and vibe requirements.
  • Regulation compliance: LiquaBlade™ and LiquaCore™ meet industry-standard IEC/EN/UL62368-1. These Liquid Cooled rectifiers also meet SEMI F47-0706 voltage sag tolerance standard, which ensures that a power supply will still function if a temporary degradation of a single-phase AC input voltage level occurs.
  • Coolant types: LiquaBlade™ is compatible with water, deionised water, and WEG coolant.
  • Noise reduction: Liquid cooling is ideal for environments that demand lower audible noise.

LiquaBlade™ water-cooled industrial power supplies meet the rigorous quality assurance guidelines set by ATDI’s best in class practices including NAVSO P3641A, DFMEA, HASS and HALT.

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