Introducing LiquaCore

AstrodyneTDI's LiquaCoreTM is a 2U, embedded, 5.5.kW fully adjustable power supply, which can be operated from a 380-480VAC 3-phase input, and utilises liquid cooling.

Providing high-operating efficiency along with excellent reliability, compact size and easy maintainability, Astrodyne's LiquCore power supplies are the ideal solution for embedded DC systems in demanding industrial and military applications.

Featuring a fully adjustable, wide-range DC output that can be configured via a digital interface, these power supplies give users real-time feedback.

Packaged in a 2U chassis, LiquCore AC-DC power supplies deliver up to 5.5kW from a 380-480VAC, three-phase power input. LiquaCore modules can be connected in parallel to deliver increased power for ultimate scalability in industrial process applications.

LiquaCore power supplies boast an impressive 14W/cubic inch of power density and can function in harsh environments with coolant temperatures up to 50˚C. With a truly liquid-cooled design, you can drop in this sealed power supply without having to worry about particles getting into the unit and damaging the supply, making the LiquaCore an ideal solution for ultra-clean or ultra-dirty environments. Regulatory agency compliance to EN62368-1, allows integration into a number of safety compliance systems, maximising application flexibility while increasing overall solution safety for the end-user.


LiquaCore features

  • DC output range: 0-60V
  • Designed to NAVSO P-3641A
  • 380V-480V (+/- 10%)
  • Constant voltage, current, power modes
  • Programmable output: 0-60V, 0-110A/ 5,500W
  • CANbus controls and alarms
  • High Efficency: >93% power conversion eficiency
  • Liquid-cooled: Water, DI Water, WEG Compatible
  • Highly reliable: 100% In-Process HASS Tested

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  • EN61000-4-4 1995 Electrical fast transient/burst - severity level 3
  • En61000-4-5 1995 - Surge - severity level 3
  • EN61000-4-2 1995 Electrostatic discharge level 3 standalone
  • EN61000-2-3 1996 Electromagnetic immunity level 2 standalone
  • EMI: designed to meet CISPR 11 Clas A Group 2 2004
  • IEC/EN/UL 62368-1

For more information about LiquaCore, or any of Astrodyne TDI's power products in the UK, start a technical discussion with the Wavelength team.


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